Become a Governor

Being a governor is incredibly rewarding. Make a difference to young people's lives, whilst helping to shape the strategic direction of a Ƶ school.

What is a Governor?

Being a school governor is an honour. You will have the opportunity to give back to your local community, and make a difference to the young people in the school you serve. School governors do not need to be education experts and they can come from all walks of life. They just need to listen, thinkand ask questions.

Anyone interested in becoming a governor is always given an opportunity to visit the school and meet the key people involved (including Chair of Governors). Governors are given plenty of support and induction into the role.

What Does A Governor Do?

Foundation Governors are appointed in the name of the Bishop and form the majority of the governing body of a Catholic School. They have a legal duty to preserve and develop the Catholic character of the school and to ensure that the school is conducted in accordance with its trust deed.

Some of the responsibilities of being a governor include monitoring the financial performance of the school, ensuring the school funds are well spent, assisting in holding the headteacher/school leaders to account and supporting the school with its strategic direction/ethos. Governors are normally required to attend a few meetings every year depending on the school’s situation. The average governor’s role will take up about 5 hours a month (meetings included).

The ministry of Foundation Governor is an important one, because the Catholic character of our schools depends on committed Catholics being willing to undertake this service. The Bishop is therefore very appreciative of all those who offer to assist him in this vital task.

Become A Governor

Should you be interested in becoming a governor of one of our schools please contactinfo@boscocet.org.uk.